+44 (0) 7480 517493 sabinestanley@outlook.com
+44 (0) 7480 517493 sabinestanley@outlook.com

Improve business performance by improving team performance


We work with leadership teams to help them connect more – with their purpose and goals, with each other and with key stakeholders. A greater sense of connection and trust means that people will be more committed to action and change, individually and collectively. This enables improved team and ultimately business performance.

We recognise that teams are at different stages of development and face different challenges. Based on an exploration of your situation and business context, we will work in close collaboration with you to tailor a team coaching process that is right for you. We have a range of methodologies available to choose from, including creative and systemic ways of working, personality profiles (e.g. MBTI) and a team 360 diagnostic tool. Above all, we aim to build a close working relationship with you and your team so that we can facilitate meaningful conversations and help you make a difference.

The work is likely to include:

  • team workshop sessions
  • individual support for the leader of the team
  • 1:1 coaching and feedback conversations
  • advice on how to maintain momentum and embed changes in between sessions and after the end of our work together.

If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together. 

African Proverb

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