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There have been many challenges in transferring from another culture and working in a fast-changing, complex environment. I feel very lucky to have Sabine with me during the transition journey. She is able to help me analyse the situation, prioritise the questions, stretch my thinking and challenge my way forward. Her style of calm listening and swift questioning works very well for me. I built strong trust with Sabine who is very inspiring as well as considerate.” Finance Director from China on international assignment in the UK, automotive sector

This coaching raised my self-awareness to a different level and helped me to understand those around me much better and fine tune my behaviour to become a more effective and trusted leader. Sabine helped me to reflect my values and drivers and to deploy that positive energy for my personal and the company’s further development. Her grounded and hands on personal style made it easy for me to open up.” German MD, FTSE 250 organisation

“I started working with Sabine when transitioning from a senior internal role to return to my previous successful client facing role. Sabine’s style is difficult to characterise – she will bring models and experiences if the situation demands, but mostly she will open up the agenda, and skillfully guide the client around, above and beyond the area in debate, always human, always relevant, and so often opening up avenues that hadn’t been considered. Very helpful, for my direction, and decision making.” Senior Head of Function, professional services sector

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sabine over the last 7 years, a time in which my career has shifted gear progressing through 4 leadership roles, increasing in complexity, responsibility and accountability. Sabine has been a great sounding board for me and her coaching technique digs right to the nub of the issue. Sabine is able to effortlessly create a safe environment and ask those probing insightful questions that make you think, work through your approach and provide the clarity needed to get on and make a difference.  Sabine has the knack of understanding the fine balance between support and challenge that really helps you deliver on agreed actions, raising my personal performance.  It has been particularly helpful to talk through my preparation plan and messaging ahead of delivering a key presentation to maximise authenticity and impact. I would highly recommend Sabine as a coach, mentor and trusted sounding board.” Director Commercial Excellence, FTSE 100 chemicals organisation

“Sabine has been able to support my growth as a leader by unpicking areas that I found difficult to deal with. She would talk me through the situations and help me with strategies that I needed to put in place to manage those in the future. This has showed me how to be successful and I continued using these during discussions and reflections with my line manager. Her coaching is supportive, effective and allows opportunities to reflect on yourself and the wider school. I feel empowered and more confident after working with Sabine.” (Head of School, Opossum Federation)

“I reached out to Sabine to support  me through a challenging work situation at a time when I was reflecting on my overall career direction and really struggling with confidence as an Executive Leader, prioritisation and stress management. Sabine has a style that has helped me to peel back the layers and work through frameworks and strategies. Sabine has helped me to literally transform my life – I have my confidence back, have taken the bold decision to pursue a role in another company, I now approach previously challenging work situations with a much better framework. I have a number of techniques to keep prioritisation and stress in check, and for the first time in a long time I feel like I am back to my energetic, happy self. To have such a significant turnaround in such a short timeframe is testament to Sabine’s skills as a Coach. I look forward to continuing to engage Sabine and highly recommend her for any leader at any point in their career. A skilled and compassionate listener, authentic and trustworthy in her approach, extremely experienced in coaching and getting to the root causes very quickly, impressive FTSE 100 and a small company track record in multiple HR functions to support various discussions in a supportive environment to allow full emotional engagement.” Technical Director


Sabine’s coaching approach made the experience enjoyable as well as thought-provoking; she provided a safe and stimulating space for the team to address their issues and she led us to work on and commit to a few actions that could have an immediate impact on our performance. In the 5 months since that session, I have noticed a marked difference in the way the team works together and it has had a positive impact on the whole organisation.” Managing Director, Manufacturing Sector.

Sabine provided a calm presence and gentle guidance, helping our new senior management team to build common ground and greater trust as we embark on a period of significant change. It made a real difference – better communication, more open conversations, more mutual understanding and a much improved team dynamic. Thank you!” CEO, Charity Sector

“As a leadership team working across schools, but as part of one organisation, we wanted to develop a shared language and refine our values and working practices. Sabine co-facilitated workshops for our team which enabled us to gain the clarity to move forward to the next stage of our development. Sabine’s insightful and thoughtful coaching and facilitation supported us greatly on this journey to becoming an even stronger team.” Executive Head Teacher, Opossum Federation

Sabine initiated Johnson Matthey’s partnership with London Business School to introduce a customised executive education programme for our senior leaders. She was the Johnson Matthey programme lead over five years and worked closely with LBS and JM executives to steer the programme and ensure its success. This was new territory for us at the time and Sabine challenged our organisation to really move the leadership and organisational development agenda forward. The world has changed and we have enabled a group of people to be better equipped to deal with change – and change within the company – that they wouldn’t have been able to deal with beforehand. We have strengthened the foundations of the company at a senior level.” Robert Macleod, CEO, Johnson Matthey plc

At Johnson Matthey Sabine worked tirelessly to create executive training programmes that delivered real insight and motivation for personal change and growth. Sabine had a complete focus on the programme addressing the needs of individuals and used her analytical and intuitive skills to assess the needs of each person and to follow through.” Peter Ash, Technology Manager, Johnson Matthey plc

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