+44 (0) 7480 517493 sabinestanley@outlook.com
+44 (0) 7480 517493 sabinestanley@outlook.com

Space to reflect, explore and move forward

Executive Coaching

Sabine works with senior leaders at times of personal and organisational transitions when they need to navigate significant change, refine their leadership style or define their career direction. Clients find coaching particularly useful to

  • accelerate their personal and leadership development,
  • prepare for and move into new and challenging roles,
  • effectively lead business change or transformation,
  • transition into a new phase in their career.

Leadership challenges might include managing significant and at times difficult relationships, strategic influencing, team effectiveness, communication skills or building confidence.

You will experience Sabine’s approach to be personal, caring and focused on your specific challenges. She will support you in opening up possibilities, making considered choices and moving forward towards your goal(s) with confidence and positive energy. She will also challenge you to be open to feedback and to step up as a leader.

During coaching sessions, we would typically explore your approach to being a leader and how you might increase your impact and effectiveness. We would also consider your organisational context – your delivery goals, the teams you lead or of which you are a part, how you lead within the wider organisation at a strategic level and how you interact with key stakeholders. Most importantly, we would spend time planning how to develop new habits, sustain change and access resources and development support beyond the coaching programme.

To read about how other clients have experienced coaching with Sabine, take a look at client testimonials and case studies.

A testament of Sabine being a great coach is that every interaction with her has left me walking out of the room energised, upbeat and being a lot clearer on what needed to be done. Would highly recommend her!

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