+44 (0) 7480 517493 sabinestanley@outlook.com
+44 (0) 7480 517493 sabinestanley@outlook.com


Senior Management Team Development in Global FTSE100 Company

A senior management team of a new developing business within a global FTSE100 company, needing to step up team performance in order to rise to the challenge of meeting tough performance targets.

We chose to run a team 360 survey, seeking feedback from internal and external stakeholders about how the team was operating. We then held a two-day workshop to debrief the detailed feedback data gathered in the survey and identify the key themes which the team wanted to address. We created time for rich exploratory conversations and to plan some concrete steps the team could take forward.

Sabine’s coaching approach made the experience enjoyable as well as thought-provoking; she provided a safe and stimulating space for the team to address their issues and she led us to work on and commit to a few actions that could have an immediate impact on our performance. In the 5 months since that session, I have noticed a marked difference in the way the team works together and it has had a positive impact on the whole organisation.

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